lørdag 12. april
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Around February 2012, LOVELOVELOVEwas founded by Simon Bergseth, as a side-project to his main band Aristillus. However, after only a short while,LOVELOVELOVE grew into something much much bigger.

August of that same year saw the nascent band’s first release, a twinkling shoegazey, post-rocky EP entitled “Your Heart Stops With The Beat” which was produced by Marcus Forsgren (Jaga Jazzist, The Lionheart Brothers).

The quintet have subsequently gone on to support Omar Rodriguez Lopez, they were hand picked by Sondre Lerche to open for him at Rockefeller, and were one of Aftenposten’s top picks for Klubb:Øya.

The band is comprised of Simon Bergseth, Edvard Seim, Axel Skalstad, Ida Holmen and Hanna Furuseth, and together this tightly knit group of musicians have taken the band’s initial ambitions and vision to a whole new level, comeing from as diverse backgrounds as black metal and free jazz. In January of 2014, the band will release their debut album via the Kakao Musikk label, near fifty minutes of mouth watering, sugary pop with hints of improv and noise rock.